Let’s get introduced…

Generations is a new home builder in the Sarnia area, applying 20+ years of home building experience in upscale markets. We bring a fresh outlook on how to do things right for our clients.

Generations commitment to quality:

A commitment to quality is backed by the 1/2/7 year Tarion warranty, a registered Built Green Canada builder, a member in good standing with the Canadian Home Builder’s Association and HCRA.  As an additional level of protection, we subscribe to the local authority inspections, and also engage Mike Holmes Inspections services during the production of each home.

2023 Finalist – Custom Home up to 3000 SF

Behind the Paint:

Generations builds more than sound, comfortable and healthy structures…we are constantly improving to make our homes sustainable, affordable, and durable for years into the future. ENERGY STAR® for New Homes
and Built Green Canada checklist are our roadmap to sustainability. Buyers find this is important, as they realize the value of their home will be passed down for generations to come.

Generations is, forward-thinking company. Our ‘Behind the Paint’ philosophy sets Generations ahead of the crowd- where we concentrate on numerous unseen details to improve durability and occupant comfort. 

Customer education:

We are passionate about customer education, ensuring each client understands the many important features in their home. Emphasizing our advanced building processes that make our homes safe and sustainable.

Generations Design:

Our plans offer a new vision of what an open, inviting, spacious home can be. Careful consideration to traffic flow and use of space, while providing exciting features that are pleasing to the eye. Designing for superior curb appeal and interior ‘wow’ factor are paramount, and our clients will be proud of the home they live in.