christmas fun ideas

Message from Santa

Here are some links we have found on the internet that are a lot of fun during the holidays.  Our kids loved getting a cyber holiday greeting from the old elf himself this year.  After filling in our daughter’s names and wish lists, they received an on-line greeting from Santa:  Another great idea comes from JibJab.  This website specializes in turning your favorite people into hilarious characters that play our roles in short music videos.  There are some that are offered during the holidays for free, and you can e-mail the video(s) to friends and family:  The modern Santa is now ‘new-school’ and is addicted to his email (just like the rest of us). You can now email him and he’ll email a nice note back. Either way, it’s a fun approach to learning about letter-writing (or learning the all-important skill of making sure you get what you want).  And speaking of fun, look for Santa’s Corner on the Canada Post website. It’s full of holiday games, crafts and recipes for the whole family—our favourite is the Build Your Own Snowman game.  Make sure to bookmark NORAD’s Santa Tracker and follow his travels by radar and satellites which track the infrared signal from Rudolph’s nose (what else), Santa cams and fighter jets as he makes his way around the globe on Christmas Eve. Volunteers at NORAD have been tracking Santa since 1955 after their Commander in Chief’s hotline number was accidentally published in a Sears ad as Santa’s phone number, and a tradition was born.  Have a Merry Christmas!

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